Quality from the region of Neive

"With our wine we propose the taste of the territory of Neive, rich in perfumes and elegance". At the Fontanabianca winery they have clear ideas: quality is closely related to the features of the soil in the region of Neive, where Aldo Pola with his family, have been carrying on their work, which the father Franco started in 1969.
The winery has been producing local grapes and wines for decades, even before being given the name of "Fontanabianca", representing a strong identification with the hills of Neive and a tie with this great wine region. This tradition is celebrated with the harvest year after year. Over the years the brand has been consolidated, thanks to the bottling of wine first and foremost and then to the promotion of wine through tasting events and fairs.
The philosophy of Fontanabianca can be resumed as follows: quality wine can be called this way only if it mirrors the taste of the local territory. "We, the producers, are the first consumers, so we want to propose a taste that can be appreciated: the taste and perfume of Neive": this is Fontanabianca. The market has already shown its appreciation: the brand ,signed by Aldo Pola , is present in many foreign countries, with several awards as well.
From the United States to Northern Europe, from Japan to Australia the Fontanabianca wine renews the tradition of a land made up of perfumes and great elegance.